Helping you filming in Kazakhstan! Providing a wide range of production services, crew hire, providing technical support for filming in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Our production company was established in 2013 with the aim of producing / co-producing film and television projects, as a result, our company has extensive production experience in Kazakhstan.

COLIBRI FILMS develop and produce own projects, as well as render production services.

We keep a database of highly qualified filmmakers in all areas of film production, from creative to technical staff.

COLIBRI FILMS organizes the entire production process – project development, pre-production, production/filming, location management, casting, location trips, set design, costumes, props, stunts, etc.







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films production services in Kazakhstan

Filming & video production services in Kazakhstan

Filming in Kazakhstan feature films and documentaries.

Shooting music videos in Almaty.

Filming commercials in Kazakhstan.

Shooting corporate films and videos in Almaty.

We provide services for filming in Kazakhstan and Central Asia:

Pre-production and casting



Talent search


Filming crew hire


Selection of locations

Managing the permits

Fixer in Kazakhstan

Equipment rental

Rental houses in Kazakhstan

Transport services in Kazakhstan

Customs clearance in Kazakhstan

Selection and making of costumes

Selection and making of props

Making and hire yurts

Purchase of footage video from Kazakhstan

Invitations for business visa in Kazakhstan

Set building and decorations

Filming locations in Kazakhstan:

From canyons and deserts to mountains, forests and lakes; from ultra-modern cities to boundless plains.

Mountains with snow-capped peaks







Modern cities

The main reasons for filming in Kazakhstan:

Spectacular locations

Low filming costs

Professional reliable film teams

Long daylight hours

30% cash rebates

New film law boosting co-productions

Modern safe environment

Unique hospitality

In 2019, Kazakhstan passed the Cinematography Law which promotes large-scale changes in film industry of the country, in particular creation of a rebate system, that is, a refund of 30% of the invested funds.

Climate of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a harsh continental climate. The average temperature in January is around −19 °C in the north and −2 °C in the south, the average temperature in July is around +19 °C in the north and +28 °C in the south. The Kazakhstan climate has four distinct seasons: frosty winter, blossoming spring, hot summer and colorful autumn.

Naryn Igilik

Naryn Igilik

Naryn Igilik

A well-organized and outgoing director and producer based in Almaty, Kazakhstan with 24 years experience in film and TV production. Fluent in Kazakh, Russian & English with good communication skills and an extensive network of local production and location contacts, ideally placed to support TV & film production within Kazakhstan and the surrounding territories.

In 2018, the Association of Film Critics of Kazakhstan awarded Naryn Igilik, the producer of the documentary film “EPIC WARRIOR WOMEN: AMAZONS”, the “Critics Choice” Award in the nomination “For contribution to the development of cinema”, for the high level of international cooperation.




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Sebastian Peiter


“Colibri Exec Naryn is a great Line Producer understanding needs of foreign crews and pulling together complex historic drama shoots. Since we have a very busy schedule of filming the trilogy on three continents, we were looking for an independent private film studio in Kazakhstan. So, we went to the director of COLIBRI FILMS Naryn Igilik, who has behind him such famous films as “Mongol”, “Shal”, “Kazakh Khanate”. I am glad that Naryn and his team have fully met our expectations. In a very short time they were able to shoot realistic scenes in very high quality!”

Alastair Mackintosh


“For any film and TV crews looking to shoot in Kazakhstan I’d recommend working with Naryn as a local fixer and translator without hesitation. He provided us with excellent support throughout the planning and shooting, always one step ahead & always with a smile. Thanks for a great shoot!”

Miles Rowland


“We used the Colibri team for a factual TV series in Kazakhstan. Naryn was our fixer and translator. It was brilliantly executed, with great content and access. We had a lot of fun in the process. Can’t recommend enough.”

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