Helping you filming in Kazakhstan! Providing a wide range of production services, crew hire, providing technical support for filming in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Our production company was established in 2013 with the aim of producing / co-producing film and television projects, as a result, our company has extensive production experience in Kazakhstan.

COLIBRI FILMS develop and produce own projects, as well as render production services.

We keep a database of highly qualified filmmakers in all areas of film production, from creative to technical staff.

COLIBRI FILMS organizes the entire production process – project development, pre-production, production/filming, location management, casting, location trips, set design, costumes, props, stunts, etc.







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Filming in Kazakhstan: Behind the Scenes of Incredible Journeys – Kazakhstan

Filming in Kazakhstan Filming in Kazakhstan: Behind the Scenes of Incredible Journeys – Kazakhstan. Production studio COLIBRI FILMS. Filming in Kazakhstan “Incredible Journeys – Kazakhstan” In 2019 from January to March, the company COLIBRI FILMS provided services for the production of corporate video “Embraer E2 Incredible Journeys – Episode 5 | Kazakhstan” for the company “Embraer”. Client review: Alastair Mackintosh, Director: “For any film and TV crews looking to shoot […]

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Filming services in Kazakhstan

You need help with filming in Kazakhstan? COLIBRI FILMS providing a wide range of services in Kazakhstan: Pre-production and casting Production Co-production Talent search Budgeting Filming crew hire Casting Selection of locations Managing the permits Fixer in Kazakhstan Equipment rental Rental houses in Kazakhstan Transport services in Kazakhstan Customs clearance in Kazakhstan Selection and making of costumes Selection and making of props Making and hire yurts Purchase of footage video […]

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Shooting in Kazakhstan E2 Incredible Journeys

Shooting in Kazakhstan E2 Incredible Journeys COLIBRI FILMS and fixer Naryn Igilik organized the shooting of this corporate video in Kazakhstan. The British director Al Mackintosh from TREETOP PRODUCTIONS, after filming in Kazakhstan, wrote on his Facebook page: – “Back in the UK after a busy week shooting in the mountains near Almaty in Kazakhstan for the next episode of Incredible Journeys with Arthur Williams for Embraer. What an amazing […]

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