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Production company COLIBRI FILMS

COLIBRI FILMS LLP is a production company based in Kazakhstan, Almaty. We producing feature and short films, documentaries, corporate videos, commercials, music videos.

Our production company was established in 2013 with the aim of producing / co-producing film and television projects, as a result, our company has extensive production experience in Kazakhstan.

COLIBRI FILMS develop and produce own projects, as well as render production services.

We keep a database of highly qualified filmmakers in all areas of film production, from creative to technical staff.

COLIBRI FILMS organizes the entire production process – project development, pre-production, production/filming, location management, casting, location trips, set design, costumes, props, stunts, etc.

Also we provides film production services for filming in Kazakhstan.


Filming “A greener & better future”.

In 2023 Naryn Igilik as local producer help to shoot documentary “A greener & better future” for “CGTN” channel from China.

Filming “High Consequence”.

In 2023 Naryn Igilik as director and producer made documentary film “High Consequence” for “Narrator Group” production company from USA. Production and post-production is entirely done by our company COLIBRI FILMS.

Client review:

Jay Sunny, Producer, USA: “I’m Jay Sunny from Narrator Group located in Colorado, USA. I hired Colibri Films to help us with this film here in Kazakhstan. It’s been a great decision. If you’re considering hiring Colibri Films, I highly recommend you do that. They’ve been great, very professional, very helpful. Wonderful product, wonderful experience.

Filming “Amazing LEGO Fan Wants to Make the World a Better Place”.

In 2021 Naryn Igilik as director and producer made documentary film “Amazing LEGO Fan Wants to Make the World a Better Place”  for “Tash & Co creative” production company from UK. Production and post-production is entirely done by our company COLIBRI FILMS.

Client review:

Natasha Moses, Producer, UK: “Colibri films helped us make a short documentary piece of content, the team were amazing. Given the COVID restrictions we weren’t able to travel to the shoot, but we were in safe hands. Naryn kept us informed at all stages and the resulting film was everything we’d hoped for – happy clients! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Naryn and his team.”

Filming “Silk Rail Road” for the Discovery Channel.

From March 2019 to July 2019, production company COLIBRI FILMS provided the filming of the documentary film “Silk Rail Road” for the Discovery Channel.

Client review:

Miles Rowland, DoP, Australia: “We used the Colibri team for a factual TV series in Kazakhstan. Naryn was our fixer and translator. It was brilliantly executed, with great content and access. We had a lot of fun in the process. Can’t recommend enough.” 

Filming “Incredible Journeys – Kazakhstan”.

In 2019 from January to March, production company COLIBRI FILMS provided services for the filming of corporate video “Embraer E2 Incredible Journeys – Episode 5 | Kazakhstan” for the company “Embraer”.

Client review:

Alastair Mackintosh, Director, UK: “For any film and TV crews looking to shoot in Kazakhstan I’d recommend working with Naryn as a local fixer and translator without hesitation. He provided us with excellent support throughout the planning and shooting, always one step ahead & always with a smile. Thanks for a great shoot!”

Filming “Epic Warrior Women: Amazons” for Viasat History.

In 2016-2017, COLIBRI FILMS, provided full production services in Kazakhstan for the British film company Urban Canyons to produce a documentary drama in the genre of historical reconstruction of the Saka period of the 5th century BC “EPIC WARRIOR WOMEN: Episode 1st AMAZONS”. Film was commissioned by Viasat History and Smithsonian channel.

35 minutes of useful footage of staged shooting of historical material with the Kazakh actors and stunts, extras and the use of computer graphics were shot by the Kazakhstan film production company COLIBRI FILMS.

Production company COLIBRI FILMS provided a full range of services for the organization of filming in Kazakhstan. Not only costing based on the customer’s scenario, selecting a film crew, online casting, location scouting. But even design and making historical costumes and manufacture props and weapons of the 5th century BC. Saka-Scythian period, which were recreated on the basis of real things found in the ancient Saki mounds.

The world television premiere of the film “EPIC WARRIOR WOMEN: Episode 1st AMAZONS” took place on November 9, 2017 on the channel “Viasat History”.

Client review:

Sebastian Peiter, Producer: “Colibri Exec Naryn is a great Line Producer understanding needs of foreign crews and pulling together complex historic drama shoots. Since we have a very busy schedule of filming the trilogy on three continents, we were looking for an independent private film studio in Kazakhstan. So, we went to the director of COLIBRI FILMS Naryn Igilik, who has behind him such famous films as “Mongol”, “Shal”, “Kazakh Khanate”. I am glad that Naryn and his team have fully met our expectations. In a very short time they were able to shoot realistic scenes in very high quality!”

Award for high level of international cooperation

In March 2018, at the award ceremony for the Critics’ Choice Award from the Association of Film Critics of Kazakhstan in the nomination “For Contribution to the Development of Cinema”, the Award was presented to the producer of the documentary film “EPIC WARRIOR WOMEN: AMAZONS” Naryn Igilik, for the high level of international cooperation.

Colibri is a bird that constantly moves

“As we all know colibri is the tiniest bird on planet. A bird that constantly moves. The Creator endued them with diverse and unique glory, diligence and ability to be useful to planet.

Colibri finds the most beautiful flowers, so tiny that other might not see them, nourishes by its sweet nectar, unwillingly gathers flower dust on feather and transfers it to other flowers. In such a manner, this tiny bird plays huge role in increasing our planet’s glory.

Nature suggests us: you have to move forward and be useful for surrounding world. Our team inspired by pattern of this little miracle. We are hardworking team, we can see miracle in plain things and introduce it to world, we do not stop, and we are in constant search.

We value professionalism in people, ability to concentrate and see unordinary, new in ordinary things, diligence, and dedication for art and calling! This is criteria we choose people to co-create with. We invite you to fly forward to wonderful discoveries!” – Naryn Igilik, COLIBRI FILMS producer.

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