Khulan Chuluun


Khulan Chuluun | Actress, Photomodel.

Khulan Chuluun is Mongolian actress, photo model and assistant director who first gained international notice as Borte, the wife of Genghis Khan, in the Oscar nominated film “Mongol”.

Now she living in Kazakhstan.

Khulan served as assistant director on the Kazakh films The Old Man/Shal, Mech Pobedy and Lave.

She starred as Queen of the Oirats in the 2017 Kazakh television production The Kazakh Khanate.

She also portrayed an Saka Warrior in a documentary for the Smithsonian Institution.

Khulan Chuluun was also a fashion model for the Gobi Сashmere collection advertisement in Mongolia.

She graduated the National University of Mongolia, International Journalism, Bachelor of Arts (BA).

Graduated from Ksenia Gromova’s acting courses in Moscow.

She also graduated courses of photo models from “LOOK AGENCY” in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Khulan now living in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Fluent in Mongol, Kazakh, Russian & English.

In her filmography there are 7 films, among them such as «Mongol», «Kazakh Khanate», «Epic Warrior Women: Amazons».

Khulan Chuluun’s filmography:

Actress (3 credits)

2018 Epic Warrior Women-Amazons (TV Series) Samsi

2017 Kazakh Khanate (TV Series) Queen of the Oirats

2007 Mongol (Film) Borte

Assistant Director (4 credits)

2013 Omir otkelderi (assistant director)

2012 The Old Man/Shal (assistant director)

2011 Mech Pobedy (assistant director)

2009 Lave (assistant director)

Khulan Chuluun in COLIBRI FILMS

Khulan Chuluun and Naryn Igilik created their own production company COLIBRI FILMS in 2013. They are engaged in film production in Kazakhstan and help foreign companies to filming in Kazakhstan.

In 2018, the Association of Film Critics of Kazakhstan awarded Naryn Igilik, the producer of the documentary film “Epic Warrior Women: Amazons”, the “Critics Choice” Award in the nomination “For contribution to the development of cinema”, for the high level of international cooperation.

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